Best Places to Get Bitcoin

Best Places to Get Bitcoin
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At the present time, there are myriads of places where you can purchase bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Such a huge variety of options often lead to the inability to make any choice at all. With the help of this page, you can find out about the best places to get bitcoin more information and details. Considering that all the information is structured and the page contains a table, it will be fairly easy for you to use it.

ExchangeEasy to use for beginnersLocationCurrencyTrustworthinessPayment methodsFees
Coinbase+San Francisco, USUSD, GBP, EUR5/5Bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, WebmoneyAverage
IQ Option+Limassol, CyprusUSD, EUR4/5Bank transfer, credit cardAverage
Kraken-San Francisco, USUSD, GBP, EUR, CAD, JPY4/5Bank transfer, altcoinsLow
Paxful-Delaware, USUSD3/5PayPal, debit card, onevanilla, amazon giftHigh
Bitstamp-LuxembourgUSD, EUR4/5Credit card, bank transferAverage, UKUSD, GBP, EUR, RUB4.5/5Credit card, bank transfer, EthereumLow
LocalBitcoins+LocalAll currencies4.5/5Cash, Paypal, Bank TransferAverage
Coinmama+IsraelEUR, USD3/5Card, EthereumHigh transferLow
Cryptopia-New Zealand250 crypto pairs4/5CryptocurrencyLow
Bitfinex-Hong KongUSD4/5Bank transfer, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash MoneroLow
Bittrex-Las Vegas, US150 crypto pairs4/5CryptocurrencyLow
Bitso+MexicoMXN3.5/5Bank transfer, cashLow
Shape Shift-Switzerland40 crypto pairs4.5/5CryptocurrencyLow
Gemini-New York, USUSD4/5Bank transferLow
BitBay+Katowice, PolandPLN, EUR, USD3/5Bank transferLow
bitFlyer+Tokyo, JapanJPY4/5Credit card, bank transferAverage

How to Choose Best Places to Get Bitcoin?

Indeed, it appears to be a tough issue when it comes to selecting a good cryptocurrency exchange. Every exchange listed above has certain advantages and drawbacks. The safest bet would be falling for large and already renowned cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase or Kraken. Yet, you may overlook pretty promising opportunities you can find on other exchanges. Therefore, we recommend you to carry out a thorough research, based on our article.

best places to buy bitcoin

Which Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are the Largest?

Actually, all cryptocurrency exchanges listed in this article can boast pretty large trading volumes. When it comes to defining the leaders of the market, you can, beyond doubt, name the following exchanges: Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex and This website shows daily trading volumes of cryptocurrencies and exchanges with the largest volumes.

How to Buy Bitcoin On One of the Listed Exchanges?

Each of the listed exchanges has particular instructions for purchasing bitcoins, whereas they may differ from one exchange to another. Also, our website contains a pdf version of a guide to purchasing bitcoins. After all, you can find a guide to purchasing bitcoins anonymously in the Buy Bitcoin section of our website.

How to Get to Know Which Cryptocurrency Exchange Is the Safest?

This is, perhaps, the most important question when seeking a cryptocurrency exchange, unless you want your money to disappear. Previously, it was considered that bitcoin exchanges were secure by default. But a row of hack attacks of bitcoin wallets along with the bankruptcy of several exchanges (including the notorious Cryptsy) caused doubts regarding that statement. We have provided a list of relatively secure cryptocurrency exchanges and ranked their trustworthiness, but always take it with caution please.

The List of Best Places to Get Bitcoin in 2018

At this point of our guide, we will disclose and shortly describe each of the cryptocurrency exchanges, listed above. That will help you to find out which are the best places to get bitcoin as for you, as well as you will get to know about the advantage and drawbacks of every listed exchange.


When it comes to seeking the best places to get bitcoin, Coinbase is oftentimes mentioned as one of such. Indeed, this service can boast to be user-friendly and very friendly to beginners, as well as there are many long-time traders. At the present time, the exchange has more than 4.5 million users who have registered on it, including over 9,000 developer apps and more than 45,000 merchants. This exchange would be perfectly suitable for Canadian, American and European customers. Though, there is a drawback as well: you need to spend a pretty good deal of your time and efforts in order to verify an account.

IQ Option

Even though IQ Option was massively criticized by ForEx traders, there were very few critical reviews from cryptocurrency traders. Actually, IQ Option is frequently selected over other exchanges thanks to its quality software, location in Europe, and a variety of cryptocurrencies offered for trading. However, the critics still remain skeptical about the trustworthiness of this exchange. The most common trading cryptocurrencies include bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, dash, IOTA, and litecoin.


Kraken is frequently mentioned as one of the best places to get bitcoin, as it is characterized by fairly low fees and solid trustworthiness. Apart from being a highly secure broker, Kraken also appears to be among the most convenient exchanges for working with banking transfers – transferring money through SEPA makes it easy and fast to deposit the funds to your account. All in all, the advantages of this platform include very low fees and solid cryptographic communications. Though, the users may sometimes suffer from technical issues. Besides, the exchange is not very friendly towards beginners.


The majority of Paxful customers come from the United States, and this exchange is, indeed, perfect for American clients. Actually, Paxful appears to be a peer-to-peer trading platform, connecting buyers and sellers. It can boast to have more than 150 payment methods, including Amazon and iTunes gift cards, cash, NetTeller, Skrill, or PayPal. However, the fees tend to be pretty high.


Bitstamp, which was originated in Slovenia and later moved to the United Kingdom, finally settled in Luxembourg while seeking fewer regulations. This exchange is perfect for both Europeans and Americans, as it accepts funds from both credit/debit cards and bank transfers in both USD or EUR. The exchange is fairly friendly towards beginners, yet it is not available anywhere beyond the EU and the USA. Even though Bitstamp was known for long as a bitcoin-only exchange, it has started to add popular cryptocurrencies recently. appears to be one of the internationally renowned best places to get bitcoin. User-friendly interface, transparency regarding the final payment sum (the fees are displayed even before you sign up), and a great deal of security make this exchange stand out. This exchange seems to stand as a beginner-friendly alternative to Coinbase.

Local Bitcoins

When it comes to peer-to-peer bitcoin transactions, it is not Paxful but that appears to be the leader of the market. The service is popular thanks to the absence of need to verify identity and popularity in a large number of countries across the globe. Though, there are solid risks connected with carrying out anonymous transactions via this service. The time of transaction completion may be long as well.


This service appears to be popular among those users who come from the countries that are not allowed for trading by major exchanges. Even though this service is quite friendly towards such customers, you are likely to face quite high fees and inability to sell your bitcoins – this exchange allows you only to buy bitcoins from the exchange. has established itself a reputable broker in the European market, as it appears to be a good alternative to Many critics cite relatively low liquidity, compared with major exchanges. Yet, the security of transactions, the trustworthiness of the exchange, and a user-friendly interface make one of the best places to get bitcoin.


Cryptoria is ranked in this list of the best places to get bitcoin thanks to its focus on providing an excellent user experience to all users. Actually, Cryptopia is not just an exchange, but also a shop that sells a variety of items for cryptocurrencies. Even though the company is based in New Zealand and aimed at the local market in the first place, it does have a global approach.

best places to purchase bitcoin


Bitfinex, a Hong Kong-based exchange, is known thanks to the large trading volumes. Actually, it appears to be one of the largest bitcoin trading exchanges, though many critics claim that the platform is not safe due to opaque transactions. However, a large number of bitcoins were stolen from Btifinex in 2016. Then, the company came up with a controversial initiative to socialize the losses and spread the loss over all the accounts. And while large volumes may mean lower fees and best liquidity, such novelties have some discouraged many traders.


Bittrex is also one of the largest exchanges, yet barely one of the best places to get bitcoin. The reason for that is that the company doesn’t offer fiat trading pairs at the present time, but solely cryptocurrency pairs. That being said, the exchange is known for very low fees and a good level of security.


If you live in a Latin American country, Bitso may be a good alternative to other exchanges for you. The service allows you to deposit your funds in Mexican pesos via credit cards or bank transfers, whereas the latter implies fairly low fees.

Shape Shift

This is just another exchange that offers only cryptocurrency pairs. Actually, the company is dedicated to making the process of cryptocurrency conversion pain-free and easy. This allows the company to handle any cryptocurrency transactions without requesting personal information of customers.


Even though the fees at Gemini are quite low thanks to the bank transfer option, the lack of other choice leaves many customers unsatisfied. The exchange primarily serves the American market.


This Poland-based exchange can boast a large number of good reviews, offering transactions in USD and EUR as well. Many clients have reported that the exchange is quite reliable and the transaction completion is quite fast.


The leading Japanese cryptocurrency exchange is one of the largest exchanges in Asia and may be considered as a solid alternative to other services.

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